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About Carlos Gonzalez

Carlos is an Internet Entrepreneur, mentor, writer, and Website Designer. He has helped business owners grow their business by helping them create or improve their online presence.

My Work Story

My work story begins in a time where students were told, “if you don’t have a degree then you’ll never get a good job. So I went to college, got my degree, and started working for myself by building websites for small local businesses. 

Recognition & Awards

I’ve been recognized for a few things over the years. These are things I’m grateful to have been apart of. 

US Army Logo

US Army Veteran

Signal Corp Veteran

Full Sail University Alumni

Carlos with his toddler daughter in front of the computer

My Personal Story

I’m just a regular guy. I enjoy building things that my wife and mom can use to garden (which I’ll be building a site on soon). 

My wife, Natasha, is one of the most dedicated woman I know. Once she sets her mind on something, rest assured, it will get done. Together we have a beautiful baby girl.

Although I’m more of a homebody, we do a fair bit of traveling. We’ve been to about half of the US and plan to travel overseas to England, Ireland, and even Botswana. 

I’ve been building websites since 1996, when I got my first computer. The ’90s were a time of experimentation and things were very colorful back then, such as was the era. 

Once I graduated High School, I enlisted in the US Army where I served in both active duty and the reserves. From there I went to college and the rest, as they say, is history.

Today I have a great life. I’ve been tremendously blessed beyond anything I deserve. I have a great family, dedicated wife, friends, and plenty of purpose in life.

I couldn’t ask for more!