I Just Started a Business! Now What?

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Last Updated May 20, 2021 “Your mom and I want to start a business!” My wife surprises me with this news as I walk out to my backyard. “Now what?” She looks at me as if I have all the answers. In this case, I actually did have answers for her. She’s seen me run […]

Are Face Masks Losing You Business?

Updated May 30, 2021 Not too long ago someone came to me and was angry because they went to a local store to buy something, but were not allowed in because he forgot his mask. He asked to get one, and even though they had extras, they refused. Sad thing is that he was willing […]

Starting a Side Hustle to Build a Business

Get on a Platform Being your own boss is great! However, ask anyone that has their own business and they’ll tell you that it’s hard work. Those that say it’s easy are trying to scam you out of money. Or not living in the real world. Even having a side hustle has its difficulties, but […]