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Need Work, Office Space Required?

I ​came across one of the dumbest Craigslist posts I’ve seen in a long time. Yes, I am biased, however, I truly believe this was a stupid post. If you work from home, this may annoy you.

As you’ve noticed by now, I don’t tend to hold back, so if this offends you, well, okay. Just picture me shrugging.

Back to the story at hand. A business owner requested some service for an independent contractor. The deal-breaker requirement was that the independent contractor was required to work out of an office. 

Work From Home Not Good Enough?

A home office was not good enough for this business owner. It needed to be a real office at a real location.

To make matters worse, they were offering a very low payment in exchange for the service. 

Folks, I’ve been working in my field for over 17 years. I’ve had an office for less than one year of that time. Most of the time, I work from home.

Don’t get me wrong, having an office is nice, but making it a requirement seems, well, shady to me.

In my eyes, this company was saying that people that don’t have an office have less value than those that do. That can’t be farther from the truth. 

If​ anyone, someone that works from home or a home office has more discipline to get the job done than someone that has an office.


For a variety of reasons! They can…

  • Handle distractions much better
  • Manage much better
  • (Typically) better organized
  • And other reasons. 

​I’m speaking to those old-schoolers that have these crazy requirements that simply don’t matter much anymore.

Don’t limit yourself by requiring your contractor have an office to work from. Sure, it’s ultimately your choice, but you really limit the possibility of finding that rockstar that is not only good at what he or she does, but someone that loves your business as much as you do. 

​But go ahead, limit yourself. Hope that works out for you. 

Alright, rant over. Now, if you’re a new business (just started and less than a year old) and find yourself stuck on what to do and what you need, my previous article for those that just started a business will hopefully help you on your journey. I invite you to check it out!

Alright, let’s all get back to work!


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